Students’ intellectual development is a fundamental responsibility of the faculty. As such, a broad range of faculty academic and extra-curricular activities are offered students with a view to helping them acquire disciplinary knowledge, develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, enhance interpersonal and social skills, cultivate effective communication skills, apply knowledge and skills across contexts, learn through service in the discipline, and pursue further academic exploration.
Aside the faculty tireless willingness and propensity to adapt innovative instructional methods that promote students learning and research, it engages in periodic publications, presentations, performances, exhibitions, workshops or symposia in significant professional contexts that portend an opportunity for scholarly exchange of contemporary ideas and ideals needed for building a better society.
The Faculty affirms the pre-eminent value of excellence in research, teaching, and service; excellence that will help the University achieve an enviable level of recognition among other private universities in Nigeria.
Graduates of the faculty can engage in rewarding careers either as employers of labour or employees in the following sectors: financial services companies, insurance companies, government board, departments and ministries, mortgage, real estate, educational services, banking, leasing services, stock exchange, pensions, assets management, wholesale and retail enterprises, online marketing, corporate social responsibility, purchasing firms, loans and credits services, community corporative schemes, manufacturing and production, transport services, liaison services, debentures and entrepreneurial ventures among others.