Dean of the Faculty

Prof. Dr. Benedict Akanegbu

Welcome Message

I feel honored to heartily welcome each and every student to the beginning of a new semester. At Faculty of Management Sciences, Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja, we are dedicated to a student-centered program that promotes academic excellence through an enriched, rigorous inter-disciplinary curriculum. As staff, we are here to support all of you, by any means necessary, to ensure you reach your fullest academic potential. We look forward to working with you, your parents and the members of the community to provide a high-quality education that you all deserve.

This semester and beyond, you can look forward to encountering a highly intensive and challenging academic program that will push you to work beyond your limits. However, I am confident that all of you have the capacity and ability to meet our expectations and the demands of your classes/levels and lecturers. Our goal is to ensure that all students become critical thinkers, active problem-solvers, inquisitive readers, diligent researchers and prolific writers. We do all of this to prepare you for the demands of the competitive 21st century real-world so you may become productive citizens, become our responsible future leaders, and contribute and/or give back something positive to the community.

I look forward to working with all of you and pushing you up the ladder to better academic heights.

On behalf of the staff in the faculty, I want to again welcome all of you and thank you for being a part of this enviable academic environment where topnotch technology and facilities, human resources and availability of instructional materials are leveraged to make studying highly productive and interesting.

About Dean

Benedict N. Akanegbu, Ph.D., Professor Akanegbu received a Ph.D. in Economics from Howard University in 1991 as the best graduating student specializing in International Trade, Finance and Economic Development.  He has over three decades of experience in teaching. He is currently The Dean Faculty of Management Sciences, Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja. He has taught and researched in the following universities both in the U.S. and Nigeria:  Howard University, University of Lagos, American University of Nigeria, Yola and Nasarawa State University, Keffi. He also served in research and administrative capacities in several institutions: World Bank, Research and Evaluation Department, Washington DC, and United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

As can be deduced from his resume available on this portal (see link below), The Dean prides himself as a diligent and committed economist, courageous educationist and industrious administrator with wealth of experience, viable skills and knowledge that are consistently being explored in his mantle of leadership of the faculty to instill and sustain confidence in the minds of the students and parents about the quality of education and research done in the faculty and elevate her public image. This, the Faculty does through increasing capacity in all areas; leveraging technology and available facilities and sheer dedication to open and transparent administration. The Dean has many publications to his credit and has attended many conferences within and outside Nigeria as contained in his curriculum vitae with the access link sited above. He is happily married with children.

link to cv


Intercom: 1282
Block: B
Room No: B220